The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program

taught by Mary C. Davis
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Mary C. Davis
Mary C. Davis
Business & Prosperity Trainer/Coach

About the Instructor

Mary C. Davis is a Certified Business Coach, Prosperity Guide and Spiritual Healing Facilitator who helps wellness professionals, therapists and holistic practitioners attract clients and create prosperous, fulfilling businesses with ease and joy. She is the creator of The Prosperous Healer's Path™, a training and coaching process that integrates practical, effective business-building strategies and conscious creation tools with spiritual truths, values and inner wisdom. Results include an abundance of money, clients and fulfillment.

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, communications and management, Mary has helped generate over $30 million of revenue for health care and social service organizations. She also has extensive training and experience in professional coaching, metaphysics and spiritual/energy healing modalities.

Welcome to The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program! What an exciting "hero's journey" we're going on together. I look forward to supporting you as you create a thriving wellness business that serves others and the world. We're all much stronger travelling together than walking a solitary path alone, and I'd like to acknowledge you for taking the courageous step of investing in yourself and this program.

Through The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program, you'll:

  • clear limiting inner patterns that are keeping you stuck in repetitive experiences of scarcity;

  • develop the practical knowledge, skills and strategies you need to market your offerings effectively, generate sales and build a prosperous wellness business, in ways that feel authentic and joyful to you;

  •  bring your own unique healing approach and message forward from within;

  • create an Inspired Business Model that leverages your time, energy and income, while allowing you to serve more people;

  • deepen your trust in yourself and your inner wisdom, as you allow your own Inspired Business Plan and Inspired Client Attraction Strategy to emerge and evolve;

  • activate the greater capacity within you that knows how to easily and joyfully attract clients, money and fulfillment; and

  • stand in your abundance, as you take inspired actions towards your goals.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this program is that it integrates both the yin and the yang together -- feminine and masculine ways of learning, knowing and creating -- and takes a "whole brain" approach. This means you'll be engaging both your left brain hemisphere (the logical, sequential part) and your right brain hemisphere (the intuitive, creative part). I guarantee you'll find immense power in this integrated approach.

And, I want you to know that I'm here witnessing your mastery, walking with you, as you continue your extraordinary journey towards the realization of your highest potential and your greatest contribution through your work. I look forward to co-creating a sacred space together so you can grow your business with ease and joy!

Love and Blessings,


Course Contents

4 Texts
29 PDFs
27 Audios

Course Curriculum

Module #4: Articulate Your Magnetic Marketing Message for Your Community and Create an Inspired Brand
Module #6: Envision and Develop an Inspired Business Model With Multiple Streams of Service and Income, Including a Core Service or Product
Module #9: Build Heart-Centered Relationships With Your Community Members Using Methods That Are Fun and Natural
Module #10: Offer Your Services and Products to Your Community in an Effective, Inviting Way and Enroll Clients